The tasks of the Altar Guild members meet the clergy and congregation's needs in
order to celebrate Holy Eucharist. The privilege of being a member of the Altar Guild
goes beyond that and includes the intrinsic and spiritual value of the objects they
handle, the sacred space in which they work, the legacy of those that have gone
before them, and for God's people who come to the altar to worship. At Christ
Church, the Guild is open to both men and women.
The Budget & Finance committee handles the financial aspects of our church. The
Treasurer of the Vestry is, by default, the Budget & Finance Committee chair.
The major part of work on our buildings and around our campus is carried out by
volunteers who give of time and talent for the greater glory of God. Twice a year we
have a general clean-up day. Your gifts and talents are needed to help our church
buildings and campus reflect the glory of God.
The Women’s Guild of Christ Church meets monthly, at various locations. The three
elements that best describe the Guild are: Socializing, chances to get to know each
other and our church community better; Spiritual development through prayer, study
and sharing; and Service to the church and community. At every meeting, the coffee
pot will be on and water boiling for tea. These meetings are open to all. There is a
quote by Amelia Earhart, “It is better to do a good deed at home than go far off and
burn incense.” Please plan to join in, be part of this unique opportunity, let’s do good
at home.
Prayers are offered at worship from two perspectives: the first is urgent, critical
prayer for healing or other immediate matters; the second is for ongoing needed
prayer for immediate family, the church family, the home bound, etc. In addition to
praying for others during worship, prayer needs that develop during the week are
circulated via the Christ Church e-mail list. If you are not currently receiving regular
church e-mails and would like to be on the e-mail list please contact the church.
The music we use during our worship comes from pre-approved sources. The
majority comes from the Hymnal, but we also use such sources as With One Voice,
and Wonder, Love, and Praise.
Christian Education at Christ Church includes the preparation of confirmands for
confirmation, which falls under the auspices of Youth Ministry. At this time we don't
offer any other formal Christian education resources, but we encourage all our
members to engage in personal Bible study which can be supplemented by our
discussion forums.
A key part of church lifestyle is the relationships we form with our brothers and sisters
in Christ. It helps us to grow spiritually and is one of the primary purposes of
humankind. In our fellowship, we share our time, our gifts, and our talents with one
another toward mutual growth in the Word.
“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They soar on wings of eagles.”
(Isaiah 40:31) To soar an eagle must maintain forward motion. The same is true for
us. Without forward momentum and hope in the future, our spirit falls. Three ways to
soar: 1. Take a 60 second break and think of your blessings; 2.Live the Golden Rule;
3. Share your blessings. One of the ways we share our blessings is by giving back to
God a portion of our time, talents, and money. We give back to God, not to gain
some new favor or blessing, but rather, because God has already blessed us and we
are grateful.
If you would like more information about a particular ministry or committee, please click on the link or contact the committee chair. Some of the committees have already been meeting and working. If your committee has not begun meeting yet, the committee chairs should be contacting the members of their various committees to begin scheduling meetings and work for the year.