On June 27th, 2006 Bishop Howe blessed and dedicated Christ Church's new Columbarium housed in the Northeast Narthex.
A few years ago, a Christ Church Burial Committee was established to investigate the possibility of incorporating a Columbarium (repository for the ashes of cremated persons) into our worship area and/or in a garden space within the courtyard. Given the escalating cost of conventional burial, cremation with a resting place within the church for the ashes of loved ones is a blessed alternative.
There are no other churches in the greater Warrensburg area that offer a repository place for ashes of loved ones. With Vestry approval and advancement of funds, a Columbarium was purchased from the Eickhof Company and installed in the east wall of the narthex.
If you are interested in obtaining a niche for yourself or a loved one, please contact the church office.
Columbarium & Memorials
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