Rector: We employ the services of a Priest in Charge, Fr. Ron
Verhaeghe, to see to our worship and pastoral needs.

Deacon: We currently have no deacon
All Vestry meetings are open to everyone, and attendance is highly encouraged and appreciated. The term “vestry” originated in England and referred to the room where vestments were kept. Those conducting parish business met in this room and came to be known as the vestry. Canonical law charges the vestry with three primary duties. First is to managing the church finances. Second is to maintain the church’s buildings and property. Third is to serve as representatives of the parishioners in all matters of the church. This includes promoting spiritual welfare, serving as the governing body in all matters concerning the parish, annually reporting to the parish, serving as a "Council of Advice" for the Rector when requested, and electing a new Rector when there is a vacancy. Our vestry is made up of our Rector, a senior warden, a junior warden, a treasurer, and a secretary. Two members-at-large complete the seven person governing body for our parish. Vestry members are elected at the parish annual meeting in January each year. All Vestry members are elected and reelected for a term of three years with no restrictions on how many times they may be elected. To serve on the Vestry, one must be 16 or older and an active, pledging communicant of the parish.
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